What's new? / Hva er endret?

(Except the clubregisters.)

        17/5: Updated and cleaned up the Racing-page. There was too much old broken links there.
        17/5: Updated and cleaned up the events-page and cleaned up old links in the main menu.
        27/4: Updated the events-page and all clubregisters
        9/7: I've been announcing events the last years and some info about rebulding bikes in Norway. But now a totally new story with pixs from Nordisk Stivramme-Rally
        4/6: Edited and updated some info on Bikeshows and swap-page.
        2/1: Justice - the red chopper on the frontpage was replaced after 13 years "in service" by a David Mann slide show.
        29/5: Edited and updated some info on main Inforpage.
        25/5: Passed 800.000 visitors on wednesday 25. may - for my own info.
        10/5: Updated the Photogallerys and Bikeshows & Swaps -page
        6/8: Added Hogtech with all their bikes to Photogallerys. Updated Racing-page
        ---: Been advertising bike shows and swaps on startpage all year.
        15/6: Updated the links in Gallery
        5/6: Added a note about Custom Bike Show on the main page, and some info. about NMCU and NFSOK..
        2/5: Updated the Bikeshows & Swaps-page. (Passed 700.000 visitors on may 5. - for my own info).
        1/3: Info. about our chopper-seminar at the bi-annual MC-Expo. nearby Oslo. See separate page. Updated the Bikeshows & Swaps-page, and Buy & Sell-page.
     31/12: Some updates on the Bikeshows & Swaps-page, and Buy & Sell-page.
      24/6: New page is about my bikes in this millenium - 2000's. New pix on the main-page. Added info. about upcoming swaps on the Rallies & Partys, now Bikeshows & Swaps-page. Updated the Buy & Sell-page. Should be much more updates here but I got to much other stuff to do ...
    31/12: Last update of clubregisters this year, but today it is the site's 10 anniversary ! Put some info. about that on the startpage.
    10/11: Removed the petition for Company MC and our clubhouse. Seems that we won the battle against the houseowner - so far... Added swap-meets on the Rallies and Parties-page. Passed 600.000 visitors on wednesday 2. november - for my own info.
       7/8: At last a lot of new links were published on a separate links-page, which later will be merged into the regular links-page. And all the clubregisters were updated - again.
     29/5: Updated the Rallies & Parties-page. Info. about Conan and Eskil-swaps, and the MC-Messe, Blotsvens swap, Planke MC and Custom Bike Show, for a while. Cleaned up some broken links. Been working on some of my other sites as well.
       7/1: Put out some news about the new positive law regarding rebuilding bikes into customs and choppers here in Norway.
     12/9: Passed 500.000 visitors on wednesday 2. september - for my own info.
     25/7: Added info. about the NFSOK-work - the most important work for me now with a new and better law soon coming through!
Have some banners for bike shows on the frontpage. Updated more on the Rallies & Parties with events for 2006.
     18/5: Updated Rallies & Parties with events for 2006.
     28/11: A new record in not updating the Chopperweb-site ! Been working a lot with NFSOK, and on my bikes for the time being, not the websites! Oslo Open MC Show takes a lot of time. But there's some more updates on the Rallies and Parties-page and Buy & Sell-pages. (Passed 400.000 visitors on wednesday 5. october - for my own info)
     7/4: More news about the NFSOK-work. Updated Rallies and Parties. Also spent some time working on the other websites I have. And - my main-PC had a harddisk crash in february. Not so good with 3 operationsystems installed and 2 data partitions. Shit happens ! (Passed 350.000 visitors on sunday 3. april - for my own info)
    13/12: News on the NFSOK-site about our work with the authorities about new laws for chopperbuilding in Norway. Other clean-ups and updates on the links around here. Passed 300.000 visitors on sunday 14. november - for my own info.
    20/10: Added some links, removed MCM-links on Buy & Sell-page which weren't working anymore (They mailed me about this matter :-) Other minor clean-ups. More info. on the NFSOK-site, too.
    15/9: Added some links.
    14/9: Cheating with the numbers of visitors? Not at all! Changed webhotel in end of june and had to find a new counter to the startpage. It took over at 248.205 visitors, but something were screwed up and after passing 250.000 visitors 3 times something had to be done. It was also slowing down the time it took to load the startpage. I have spent some time and tested both php and cgi-scripts but either they weren't working properly or they interfered with some javascripts. So here's a new free one from the web, which starts at 273.939 hits which is correct number of visitors just right NOW! according to the webstatistic.
     7/9: Some few links were added.
     20/8: Updated all Buy & sell-links and added a good friend's H-D for sale. The NFSOK site was also updated.
     18/6: Minor changes in some links and events.
     11/5: Spent some time making 2 new photogalleries about 2 parties held at Companys clubhouse. Updated many links on the Rallies and Parties-page. Some new info. on the NFSOK-pages and a corresponding link from the Intro-page on Chopperweb.
     21/3: Updated the NFSOK-site with a lot of links from NMCU regarding matters for norwegian custom/chopper-builders. A new info-page on MC Racing-page about Sportster-racing. Minor updates on the Rallies & Parties-page. Some new links on the Links-page. (The hit-counter passed 200.000 visitors 17. march - for my own info.)
     27/2: Changed the pictures on the mainpage, of my Evo chopper with the correct green paint. Poor pixs - but better than the old ones from 1998, though.
     23/2: Added a bunch of new links on the Links-page, and sorted them alphabetically. 3 more links on the mainpage to choppergalleries - enjoy! More updates on the Rallies & Parties-page.. Also some new info. on the Racing-page.
     18/1: Updated info on the Rallies & Parties-page. Added a phone-number and a new email on the NFSOK-site.
     7/12: Rebuilt the NFSOK-site and put out info. about a breakthrough for building choppers in Norway.
Updated links on the Racing-page. A full story with pics about our (Company MC's) big party with Old School Chopper Show. Later added info. about Hydra MCs, Rulpers Hogs and our swap-meet in january. Passed 150.000 visitors 14. october.
       8/8: Info. about the "Old School Chopper Show" arranged by Company MC Oslo next week.
     10/7: Some links-updates on Rallies & Parties, MC Racing, and the Links-pages. On the Buy & Sale there are parts for sale on the mainpage for a friend of mine, who does some welding-works for me. Check out Company MC info. and our 20. year party, with more info.
     20/5: More info. about Bengalos Bike Show on the Rallies and event-page. Even more info. about the Moped-drags ...
     28/4: On the Racing-page: info. about Moped-dragracing, funny-drags for norwegian and swedish bikerclubs.
       9/4: Press-release from the norwegian Harley-Davidson main distributor: Facts and rumours. The Factory want to be their own main distributor in Norway, and there is a disagreement on how to handle this matter.
     23/3: Minor updates except a bunch of new links on the Links-page. Passed 100.000 visitors march 20, should celebrate, but the same night the bombs, rockets and missiles started falling over Bagdad. My mind goes especially to all those innocent kids .... (I have 3 myself.)
      2/3: More links on the Racing-page and Buy & Sell. Corrected some broken links. Have a huge collection of new links which will come soon. Still working slowly with the BIG update on Chopperweb, but time .... :-(
   24/12: Just had to do it. Updated the clubregisters on 24. december - WITH Santa in a sled with reindeers, and falling snowflakes all over the screen, as a Christmas thing. It's very cold and snowy in Oslo these days.
   12/12: Updated some links on Buy & Sell, Racing and Events-page (including temporary info about Bengalos Bike & Party 2003).
Updated the info-site for Hagalaz MC.
    13/8: New link on Photogalleries. Updated some on the Main-page. Links were updated on Buy & Sell and checked out, and added more of them on Chopper Links.
     2/7: Made a print-icon on all the clubregister-pages. Some minor link updates on the Chopperweb.
    25/5: On the startpage: Had a memorypage some weeks for Jon, Bulldogs MC Capital, and then a logo for Oslo Open Mc Show. (Passed 50.000 visitors 4. may - for my own information...).
     3/5: Minor updates: new info. link about taxes on the NFSOK-page, info. page about the Bengalos Bikeshow 2002, and some more links.
     4/4: My ISP changed DNS-servers with no warning, things were screwed up, and that made me without email for a week this eastern, and the site down for some days. Pissed me off ....
   12/3: Links to 2 new choppergalleries. Also added lots of new links on the Links-page. Did I forget your site? More links are coming ...
     1/3: I made a completely new homepage for my club Company MC Oslo. Updated the weatherforecast for Norway in the Rallies & Event-page. Minor updates on the mainpage. Still working on the NEW Chopperweb. the work goes slowly, used a lot of time in programming for H-DOCN which downloads all payments from members via internet, and OCR-converting into the database - but this has nothing to do with Chopperweb :-) Lots of new links are coming soon. (Passed 40.000 visitors 12. february - for my own information...).
   17/1: Updated the NFSOK-page about the work with further legalizing choppers in Norway, and the tax-problem about new and rebuilt bikes, and the new cooperation between NFSOK and NMCU, and a popup-linkpage to the press release regarding this matter.
   13/1: Updated links on Events, Buy & Sell and the Racingpage, and some other broken links

 24/12: Some new links, updated the mainpage and its links. (Passed 30.000 visitors 8. november - for my own information...)
 11/10: Minor text updating, some news links.
    3/8: Moved the complete site to a new ISP-vendor (From San Jose to Trondheim), not without problems. New photogallery - from Duckman's Bitchin' Biker Page. Updated the Buy and Sell-page + some links.
  23/6: Passed 20.000 visitors 11/6. New pop up-info. on the NFSOK-page (norwegian). Updated the Rally and Party-page, removed the Mopar-site until later.
  10/5: Most everything on Chopper linkspage, a new MC Racingpage, updated the Mopar-site, Buy Sell and Eventspage with links. Added a new and nicer background and some changes in the menues.
    2/3: Pop up-page with info. about protest against raised taxes on customized or rebuilt bikes in Norway, updated links in Rallies and Parties, NFSOK-page and links on other pages. Passed 15.000 visistors.
  18/2: Updated Buy Sell-page again + some links.
    7/2: Updated Buy Sell-page + links.
Oppdatert Buy Sell-siden + linker.
  30/1: Oppdatert NFSOK-siden. Korrigert feil i frameset på Company MC, Hagalaz og NFSOK fra Clubregistersidene (mye scripts for å kontrollere linking av undersider).
  26/1: Korrigert feil i retur ved visse frameset (Buy Sell-siden, Photogalleries ...).
  17/1: Fjernet Vikingbiker info (inaktiv), og oppdatert noen linker.

28/12: Har oppdatert mange ganger på klubbsidene. Korrigert endel linker og tekst på Intropage.
1/11: Moved the old site: Johns Biker Site to another server and a new domain on www.chopperweb.com. Had more than 9850 visitors on the old site.
Flytta alt til www.chopperweb.com. Oppdatert begge klubbregistre og masse annet.
14/10: Sjekket og korrigert endel linker. Oppdatert begge klubbregistre. Lagt inn link til politikontroller i Rallies and Parties-siden.
  6/10: Sjekket og korrigert flere linker. Oppdatert begge klubbregistre.
  29/9: Oppdatert begge klubbregistre, flyttet go.to/chopper og welcome.to/companymc fra home.sol.no/... til home.online.no/...
Sidene ligger til videre 2 steder.
  14/9: Oppdatert begge klubbregistre.
  22/8: Oppdatert begge klubbregistre pluss litt tekst på Intro Page.
  11/8: Oppdatert begge klubbregistre.
    1/8: Oppdatert begge klubbregistre. Passert 7500 besøkende. Arbeider med flytting av sidene til eget domain på www.chopperweb.com.
  25/7: Oppdatert begge klubbregistre.
    8/7: Pop-up tyveri av Jan Arnes H-D, 2 nye Photogallery-links, oppdateringer i begge klubbregistre og oppdatert Intropage.
  20/6: Link til et dansk klubbregister, dansk delemarked pluss oppdateringer i begge klubbregistre.
  30/5: Litt oppdateringer i begge klubbregistre, pop up med flere linker til nytt avgiftsforslag.
  24/5: Oppdateringer av begge klubbregistre, pop up Custom Bike Show, Buy & Sell siden, Chopper Links og Organizations.
    3/5: Oppdateringer av begge klubbregistre.
  17/4: Pop-up nytt om TADs avgiftsforslag pluss noe oppdatering av registre.
  12/4: Oppdatert det norske klubbregisteret og Buy & Sell siden.
    8/4: Oppdatert på begge klubbregistre, Buy & Sell siden, Treff-siden, linker til Oslo Open MC Show ....
  15/3: Oppdatert mye på begge klubbregistre.
    7/3: Avvikling av Mjøsa Rundt Poker Run. Oppdatert begge klubbregistre og Treff-siden. 5000 besøkende hittil, nesten alle på ett år.
  18/2: Lagt inn Route Planner på Rallies & Parties-siden og oppdatert begge klubbregistre.
    4/2: Ny side med linker til treff og fester. Oppdatert klubbregistre, linker og litt layout.
  27/1: Oppdatert klubbregistre, Intropage, linker, Oslo Open siden og startsiden - igjen!
  11/1: Oppdatert klubbregistre, linker og startsiden.
    9/1: Oppdatert klubbregistre og linker.
31/12: Oppdatert klubbregistre, Photogalleries og linker pluss ny Mopar-side. Oppdatert alle sider med bedre layout og samordnet fonter.
17/12: Lagt inn linker på hovedsiden til etpar Photogallery med massevis av chopperbilder. Oppdaterteringer i begge klubbregister og endel linker, infolink om toll og avgifter på NFSOK-siden. Alle sider håndkodes fortsatt, og er nå sjekket med HTML Validator for HTML kode- og syntaksfeil. Alle bilder er optimalisert med GIF Lube for raskere nedlasting.
  6/12: Oppdaterteringer i begge klubbregister og endel linker + noe layout.
29/11: Oppdatert masse i klubbregistrene, Buy & Sell, Links, Oslo Open MC Show siden og litt annet.
18/11: Mindre endringer på Intropage (Custom Bike Show og Super Rally) og Company MC siden.
12/11: Enda en ny web-adresse: www.choppper.com med 3 P'er !!! Oppdatert NFSOK-siden, begge klubbregistre og From 90's. (Snart på tide å mekke Harley istedetfor hjemmesider ...)
11/11: Ny web-adresse: http://go.to/chopper. Oppdatert klubbregistre, organisasjonssiden, linkesiden og From 90's. (Ca. 3200 besøkende hittil)
  2/11: Oppdaterte klubbregistre, linkesiden og bakgrunnsbilde.
17/10: Oppdatert klubbregistre og litt på Intropage.
  7/10: Oppdatert Buy & Sell side, linker, klubbregistre and added an english Summary on the Intropage.
16/9: Oppdaterte klubbregistre og Buy & Sell side.
21/8: Det svenske klubbregisteret har fått mange oppdateringer og frame i frames-bilde er korrigert (Buy & Sell).
15/8: Norske og svenske klubbregisteret er oppdatert.
10/7: Norske klubbregisteret er oppdatert og linkesidene tilpasset Netscape 3.0.
 9/7: Klubbregistrene og linkesidene er oppdaterte + diverse tekst.
 3/7: Lagt inn Buy & Sell som er linker til sider med kjøp og salg av MC og MC deler, "Chopper links" til andre choppersider, pluss klubbregister oppdateringer.
11/6: Klubbregistrene er oppdaterte + diverse tekst.
19/5: Klubbregistrene og organisasjons-sida er oppdatert.
14/5: Klubbregistrene er oppdatert. 1452 besøkende hittil. Hvor pokkern kommer dere fra ?
 3/5: Klubbregistrene er oppdatert.
14/4: Endringer på NFSOK-siden, hvor kopier av status skriv fra NMCU er lagt inn. Klubbregistrene er oppdatert. 991 besøkende hittil.
20/3: Lagt inn mer tekst på siden til Hagalaz MC.
18/3: Flere oppdateringer i klubbregistrene pluss lagt inn side med vitser på engelsk. 683 besøkende hittil.
8/3: Lagt inn endel informasjon på NFSOK-siden. 568 besøkende hittil.
 5/3: Lagt inn links til FH-DCE klubbene, pluss pekere til hovedsiden da undersider er blitt linket direkte fra andre sites.
 2/3: Lagt inn oversikt over noen norske MC organisasjoner pluss lagt/endret på ca. 10 klubber. 519 besøkende hittil.
22/2: Lagt inn svensk klubbregister og korrigert i det norske klubbregisteret. 451 besøkende hittil.
16/2: Korrigert endel linker i klubbregisteret. 412 besøkende hittil.
12/2: Oppdatert klubb-registeret pga. tilbakemeldinger.
10/2: Største oppdatering hittil - fortsatt er alt håndkodet. Lagt alt utenom startsida over i frames, med pekerlinker til hovedside fra evt. tidligere merkede undersider. Tilpasset sidene bedre til de som har skjermoppløsning 800 x 600. Lagt inn oversikt over klubber som er opphørt, eller har byttet navn. I tillegg til andre mindre oppdateringer er det lagt inn en side om Hagalaz MC og bilder på Oslo Open-sida, mer tekst om noen av mine sykler pluss at mange bilder er blitt komprimert mer. 272 besøkende hittil.
 3/2: Mer info om Oslo Open.
 2/2: Mindre rettinger, oppdatert noen klubber. Har blitt linket fra VikingBiker og Duckmans.
27/1: Lagt inn flere links og rettinger i klubbregisteret, endret bakgrunnsfarge og andre småting
24/1: Lagt til ca. 10 nye klubber.
23/1: Oppdatert med ny midlertidig startside og hovedside samt oppdatert klubbregisteret.
13/1: Endret bakgrunnsfarger på flere sider. Oppdatert noe på klubbregisteret.165 besøkende hittil.
31/12: Rettet og lagt til noe tekst. Lagt inn annet bilde av Suzuki Low Rider.
15/12: Lagt inn norsk bikerklubb-register.
10/7: Lagt inn side om Company MC.
29/5: Lagt inn sider med mine gamle sykler.
 5/4: Lagt inn side om Oslo Open.
31/12: "Grand Opening". Første versjon av sidene lagt ut på internet. Feiret verden over med champagne og fyrverkeri seinere på kvelden.