Motorcycle Racing

H-D Dragbike
Updated 12 october 2017

OK - some of you asked for it. Here is a page related to motorcycle racing not uncommon in bikerclubs. The links are mostly to norwegian and scandinavian sites.

Classic Dragbike, H-D drag racing
KARERA Racing, Funny Bike - Kåre Ravnsborg
Rolfstad Pro Racing, H-D drag racing
Aasen Dragracing, H-D drag racing
Harley Drags, Super Twin
Romerike Dragbike Klubb
Hawgs MC, also dragbikes
Karling-Racing , H-D top fuel bike
Mosten Race Days

Hill Climb
Some active clubs:
Hydet MC, SE
Gallon MC, NO
Rubbish MC, NO
Riggen MC, NO

Road-course racing
The Sportster Cup-racing in Norway is now from 2004 joined together with another racing-class. See below.
Sportster-racing, NO