Links, mainly to chopper-related sites:

Updated september 16. 2005 ... (Added more links and sorted them alphabetically)

You won't find many links here to stock bikes or products related to motor- and transmission-parts for Harleys. Too much to take care of, and a lot of the sites here are packed with links to those sites. I'll try to concentrate on sites with contents for that good ol' chopperminded biker who is able to, and want to do most of the work on his bike himself.

NO, SE, DK, FI, GE and so on indicates the main language on the site (NOrway, SwEden, DenmarK, FInland, GErmany, NetherLand, ... )
If nothing, then it's in English or bilangual.

Some magazines:

MCM, read about the swedish style choppers. Order the book "Historien om Harley-Davidson i Sverige". Packed with choppers and their history, SE
KOPTERI, Really cool chopper magazine from Finland, FI
Norsk Biker Journal, Email, new magazine, much choppers, NO
Scanbike, Bikes, babes and much about bikerclubs. NO/SE/DK
(new site)   Back Street Heroes  magazine, GB
Bikersnews Magazine Germany, GE
The Magazineman, Selling Motorcycle & Tattoo Magazines by mail order, like The Horse & Street Chopper., UK
Easyriders, Bikes and babes and ...
The Horse, Backstreet Choppers. American mag. about HOMEBUILT bikes. The real stuff.
Street Chopper, it's back - been away since 1981 !
Chopper Underground, new mag. for those who build choppers.
Iron Works Magazine
Iron Horse Mag. , it's history by the editor, and more
White Horse MC books, videos etc.

Mostly links, indexes, news and other info.:

Automobilia Motor bookstore in Oslo. Search for motorcycle books. NO
BajaHill, finnish linksite, FI/EN
Bandit's Bikernet, this site is BIG
Biker's Homepage, Homepages der Deutschen Motorrad-Clubscene, GE
Direct Parts, their linkpage
Biker Movie Page 150 bikervideos
Bikerworld, GB
Bikerlinkz, scandinavian links, eventz and info.
Bra Adresser. Lots of links, mostly to carshops and workshops, SE
Clublinks, Germany, GE
Duckmans huge amount of links, photos and technical stuff, too...
European Colors , links to mostly european bikerclubs, GE
German Colors , links to mostly german bikerclubs, GE
Harleypics links, screensavers, pictures and more
Harleyportalen, swedish site, SE
Outsider's 1%er News, bikernews
Ronnie Kramers Motorcycle index
Worldwide Biker Web. Lots of links

Lots of technical info and forums:

Bandit's Wrench Garage. Techs & Bike Builds , EN
Basic MC workshop for H-D transmission engines, NO
Beautyofspeed speedtuning Harley and Indians from 1940's, bibliografi over litteratur og materialer om rockere, bikere og outlaw bikere, DK, links, info, buy and sell, NO
Biketech, technical info.
Chopperbuilders Handbook Online, this site must be checked out !
Chopper, custom V-twin discussion
Choppers Stop, shop with building tips , SE, Forum with a very cool name :-), EN
Club Chopper - Forum, EN
Chopper Underground, Forum, EN
Ente's Harley Vin Numbers, 1970 and up, EN
45 Parts Depot, side valve parts, long springers !
45 Restoration, EN
Harley Guiden, Danish Harley market and Forum, DK
Hedlunds-motor , site about the swedish Hedlund engine - and choppers, SE, EN
Helpfull Harley Hints, EN, Panhead & WL site
Ironheadsportster, enthusiast-site
Lazze, Learn how to form sheet metal and aluminum into any shape you desire!!! SE/US
Old Harley Technical Information., US
Onlineconversion , lenght and measurement
Panhead Forum, Tips & tricks, Forum, Buy/Sell, SE
Panhead & WL site
Panhead History, 1948 - 1965
Ratpan's Panhead Pages History, tech. info. and other stuff
Ratbikeforum, Rat and Survivalbike Forum
RIGGEN MC Shop har rustfrie & syrefaste skruer og muttere i UNC & UNF, NO
Sparkplug info.
Sportster Home Page, technical tips
SU carburators, Dollar Sullivan, SE
SU carb-info , Teglerizer
Sveriges Bikerweb , bikerforum, SE
Triumphchoppers, List/Group
Twin Clubs TECH TIP, SE
US helmet laws , nice to know if you ride there
Victory Tech. info. - Harley-Davidson 45 & U-Series Models
V-Twin Cafe info.. High Performance Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Guide

Non-commercial, private sites:

Anders Triumph site, very cool choppers here. SE
Bikersiden, H-D historie og mye annet, NO
Bjørn-Erik's MC Web, choppers and classic english bikes, NO
Chopper13, Chopper motor and bicycles, FI
Ente's cyber krypta, cool site, SE
Get to the Road, Choppersite from Finland
Hoodlum , danish site, Harleys, Hot Rod's and Tatoo's
John Eyre, gallery
Malte-Racing, SE
Mr. Bagings Harley Chopper Site, a must!, Markos site, SE
The Ratbike Gazette. chrome and finish ??? Anyway, rats are cool !
Smøregrava odd bikes, some cool choppers, NO
Strokers cool site with a really cool Panhead chopper, SE

Europe, french site, FR english
Bikin' Dutchman Euro Chopper Site, lot of pictures. One of my favorites
Claus eigenbau, german choppersite, lots of pictures, GE
Daniels' Swedish Style, dutch site about chopped Sportster
EMV-choppers, old german bike, DE
Floris' world of radical streetchoppers- and rats, NL
German photosite , cool bikes and cars, GE
Hognews Galleries , CH.
Little Earthquake 62 , Jawa 1962 chopper from Czhekia
Lowlander 2: , GS Custom from Netherland
Met-Ster , Jimmy's custom Evo Sportster, BE
Pan Man from Lichtenstein, GE
Rat Bike Zone english

Outside Europe
Bad Motorcycles for bad people
Bad Motorcycles Read his Manifesto !
Ben's Chopper Pages
Biker Bob's Heavy to load, lot to see
Biker Rogue , oldtime biker with lot's of stories
Chopper Dave's. Old and new american choppers
Chopper Heads. Choppers of all brands
Chopper Shed, huge site
Choppers Rule! The title says everything
CyberChoppers The right attitude, and a cool Indonesian Swedish Style Chopper
Dave Mann's Art Biker art known from Easyriders - a favorite
DUrANgED's Domain
Easy Rider, and a XL chopper
Flash Good old chopper pictures, links, etc.
Hammer's Home Page
HD@rt Gallery , Bikerposters for sale
Honda Hog, choppersite with tech. info.
Hot Rod Harley Site The name says everything
Iron, Sportsterpage, info. + links
Lowrider Chopper 
Papa's place, Knucklehead 1947
Pitbull Choppers , - a site with an attitude
Porkster "Once he had a chopper ..."
The Other Side of Shadow, bikerlady from down-under
Social Deviate, much chopperstuff
Sportster Pride, bikersite, US
The Outlaw Biker Page, lifestyle
Outlaws World, biker site with a cool chopper
Tat2man's Custom Cycles 'n' Tattoos
Triumph Chopper Projects , Shawns cool bikes + gallery
Wileys, Cool stuff and even cooler Pan-chop

Boom Trikes Doesn't want to do anything yourself, this might be an alternative
Brothers of the third wheel More US trikes.
Lehman Trikes Build a trike of your bike
Servicar german site, DE
Svenska Trike Garaget. Swedish site, SE
The Trike Web Page Much info..
Trike Site, from Belgium

Trikeshop, british site

Commercial sites:

Bikeline, Swedish shop - Well worth to check out
Bikeparts , Triumph and Norton spareparts, SE
Bike Station, Edlund frames, used and new parts
Calles Chopperdelar, makes frames, springers, webbs and lots of parts. Order their big catalog, SE, parts, NO
Choppers Unlimited, norwegian/american classic chopperparts, check it out
Custom Bikes and Parts AS, Skien. Much parts for building a decent bike. NO
Custom Service AS, H-D workshop in Oslo, builds Customs and choppers, NO
Custom Speed, maker of forks, frames, customparts, NO
Cycleworld AB, swedish site with techncal tips. SE
Edlund frames , Swedish Replica and Chopperframes, EN
Elpack AS, Norway, used parts, NO
Erixon Custom , Swedish custom spokewheels, EN
Flathead Power, Swedish flathead/Knuckleparts
Gibson MC , build custombikes, SE
Gramford Custom Bikes, norwegian bikebuilder, NO
Harleyportalen, marketplace for H-D and Buells, calendar, info, SE
Hog Shop AS Stavanger, NO
Hog Tech the Swedish Chopper Wizard, SE
Hoj-Biten AB in Mönsterås, used parts, SE
Hot Rod Service , they handmake MC fenders, and rodparts, NO
House of kolor, Custompaint, NO
Japan Motor, motorsykkeldeler, NO
Krangnes Motor, Motorsykkel-huggeriet, NO
Lazy Boyz Shop in Oslo for the custombuilder, they can build you a show-winner. NO
Mkher, swedish custombikes for street and show, EN
Motorcycle Works. Norwegian guy building choppers in Kansas.
Ram & Mekaniska AB they extend originalspringers with internal suspension, other cool parts, SE
Raceway shop, Stockholm, sells chopperparts, also from Roffes, SE
Roffes Motor, Stockholm, still have lots of chopperparts,SE
Scanlink Trading, Norway, used parts, NO
Spinnin' Wheel Norway, used parts, NO
Spinnin' Wheel Sweden, used parts, SE
Steenersen Customlakk, painter in Oslo, NO
Swedish Style, productcompanies in Sweden, SE
Swedish Style Custom , build bikes, wheels, service, parts, SE
Tolles world famous front forks, SE
Ultimate Custom, bikes and parts, NO
UCC - Unique Custom Cycles, producer of show-winning bikes, SE
Wildbike, shop who builds and sell choppers, SE

Outside Scandinavia
Asgard Nordic Spirit, swedish style parts, Marseille, France
Chopper Shack , - Choppaz with attitude, GB
Fred Kodlin, German showbike builder & special site-design
Garry Overs custom Choppers. english bikebuilder, EN
Iron Velocity Bikes. Superlow frames, with suspension
Iron Wing, Knuckle rockerboxes for Shovelhead from Iron Wing
JPP Chopperparts, Dutch company, NL
Oldtown CruisersKool Krome Parts for Bikes, NL
Twizzle Customs shop making frames, parts, etc. GB
VL Heaven, specialising in 1930-1936 VL Harley-Davidson Big Twins, GB
W & W German company with lots of parts to both new and older Harleys
Waltz Hardcore Cycles, a trendsetter, Germany
Zodiac, Dutch, lot of parts

Badland , reseller for european chopper and custom parts.
Chica Custom , a japanese in USA - real cool bikes!, Gallery, Invader Wheels
DEN, japanese H-D/choppersite, JP
Shotgun Honey , cool japanese bikes, JP
Zerochop, japanese choppers with attitude, JP

Ace Metal retro designs
Amen frames and parts
Andrews Products , Harley engineparts
Axtell, H-D engine parts
Backyard , shop
Carls Speedshop, enginebuilder
Bourget Bikeworks, chopperbuilders
Chica Custom , a japanese in USA - real cool bikes!, Gallery, Invader Wheels
Choppahead, info., clothing & accessories and more
Chopper Custom , old school choppers, parts
Chopper Enterprises, They make parts for old school choppers, Caribbean Custom Cycles, Puerto Rico
Chopper Guys bikebuilders
Choppers Cycle, H-D Parts and Accessories
Choppers 4 Ever, Buy a brand new Honda 750 s.o.h.c. Softail Chopper
Choppers forever , see also MCWORX
Choppers Inc., Billy Lane - parts
Choppermex, rigid look-alike front ends
Choppers Unlimited, classic chopperparts, check it out
Choppersworld , Shop
Chrome specialties, huge catalog
Custom Cycle Creations Products
Cyco Choppers, parts and bikes
Cyril Huze custombikes
Dave Perewitz Custom Motorcycles
Delkron-mfg, H-D engine parts
Denver's Chopper, custom choppers and parts
Design Cycle, chopperframes for H-D, Triumphs and japanese bikes
Direct Parts Inc. , with lots of technical tips
Echopper, Used choppers and parts
Exile cycles , Build bikes with clean design
Exotic Cycle & Motor Werx , custom bikes
Fabricator Kevin, making steel chopper parts
Flathead Power USA Swedish parts
Gambler Motorcycles. Frames, with suspension
Gangster Choppers. bikes and rolling chassis
Hackasaw, really cool bikestore
Harleysalvage , used parts from 1940 to 1984
Hot Match Custom Cycles, - cool Gallery
House of kolor, Custompaint
Independent gastank
Indian Larry, (RIP) cool & classic NY choppers
Ironhorse Choppers, Canadian bike builders, CA
Jimmy Quinn Customs, graphical artist
Jim Nasi custombikes
Jims, H-D engine parts
J & P Cycles, huge catalog - with prices
Just Choppers, a place to sell or buy bikes and parts
Just Custombikes, the name says everything
Killer Chopper , building choppers
Knuckle/Flathead Power USA, buy a brand new Knucklehead bike, a "Legendary Harley-Davidson"
Liberator Evo. NO CHROME, NO BILLET, NO CAPPUCCINO. Back to basic bikes ..
Little Chopper Shop, building choppers - Triumph specialist.
Macleod Manufacturing , making new classic Invader wheels!!!
Mike Berg Alternative Motorcycles
Morris magnetoes, for bikes
Motorcycle Works. Norwegian guy building choppers in Kansas (that's outside Scandinavia)
New York City Choppers, bikes and parts.
NOS Parts, Obsolete NOS parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycle
Orange County Choppers , from Discovery TV - they build choppers
Pat Kennedy Custom Motorcycles
Paughco frames and parts
Paul Cox Leather, superb seats !
Paul Yaffe Originals, Masterbuilder, rolling projects
Pitbullchoppers, a site with attitude - cool!
Powerarc, Power Arc Ignitions
Red Horse Customcycles, Custom american motorcycles
Redneck Engineering , Building cool choppers with attitude
Rivera Engineering , carburators
Roadhouse Choppers
Salinas boys, Maximum style bike, and rods
STD Harley engine parts
Smithys Tools american
Sporty Specialties, parts for Sportster and K-models
Storz, parts for Evo. Sportsters
Team Rotten Customs, Custom Bikes, Parts & Accessories
Trickpaint, Gallery
Twisted choppers, Kustom cycle worx
Used Hogparts,
Von Dutch - legendary, and dead pinstriper - now commercial ...
Von Otto, airbrush master
West Coast Choppers. Jesse James builds cool choppers
Wiseco, H-D engine parts
Young Choppers and Hot Rods, building old style choppers, bobbers and hot rods, high quality motorcycle Powder Coating and Diamond Cutting

Skycar. When you are fucked up of bikes and cars, aim higher up...