Stivrammetreffet på Leira 2015

The poster ....

In front my ol' faithful springer Evo since 1984.

Hardtail parking only !

Cool modern style chopper.

Modern and classic side by side.

Nice chopper and I love them spoke wheels. Clean !

A Knucklehead survivor.

A BSA A65 650 with a fat rear tyre.

And here how to do it. Offset sprockets.

Here from the other side.

Arild, our prospect once owned this chopper.

Owner: Thomas from Rulpers Hog

One of the few Triumphs.

More old / modern bobber style.

Nasty outlet !

Deathtrap Customs sells these modified Shovelhead top ends. Way cool.

Classic chopper style with Apes. No need for an armpit deodorant here ...

Another well designed bike from Rulpers Hog.

Compact and cool Panhead chopper with modern cone ignition.

We're coming back to this one...

Here's another solution for nice Shovelhead top ends.

Simply beautiful (the bike, not the ass).

The bike has a slim and nice ... ass

Another flattie survivor.

Nice chopper built by Stefanos from Hydra MC.

All three choppers were built and owned by Company MC members some years ago...

Facebook picture? Helge surrounded by Chopper Freaks and Company members - and babes.

Two bikes from Chopper Freaks.

Looks like a bad ass S&S B carburator

.. and a bad ass, or wide ass rear end..

Arild and Henning from Company MC Oslo.

Simple and clean Evo Sportster bobber.

XL Sportster with some cafe racer attitude..

Ola Östby goes his own ways. Springer both front AND rear!.

More cool bikes.

Linkert Ola from Rulpers Hog.

The worlds fastest Panhead - on ice. See

Very beautiful chop built by former Custom Service.

Run wild with horses.

Pick your choice. Long or short springer front end?

Classic shovelbobber.

Looks like a looong Custom Speed front end with lots of rake. Chopper? Yes!.

And a more modern type of chopper..

Morten from Chopper Freaks changes design on his bike frequently.

The orange/black bike was once (2007?) the longest legal chopper in Norway.

I met the owner and bike stranded and out of gas - in snowy february this year. Rough !.

A moderate Triumph chopper ..

... until you see the Nourish engine. Exotic!

A moderate chop with a not so moderate handlebar. Apes are in! Yunk yunk :-)

The audience waiting for the prize contest.

Kenneth from Deathtrap Customs wins.

A big twin flathead - always cool.

Prize winner - vintage rat ? There were winners in other classes too.

And a big Thank You to these six guys arranging this rally!

Pål from Rulpers Hog wins - again and again.

Pål is a prize winning custom painter.

Pål is also a prize winning custom builder.

Ultima 2" belt kit is on my wish list...

Beware of the dog! This is a Big Dog bike. Owner is Stana from Hydra MC.

Owner run down from northern Norway partially in snowy conditions.

Looong bike ride in the evening.

Found some chops beside the camping huts too.

Here's another not noticed among the other ones during day time. (Might be I forgot it?)

A very nice bike built by former Custom Service in Oslo.

Nice northern evening light close to midnight.

A view over the surrounding area.

Good rock & roll in the evening.

The very first Nordic Hardtail Rally !

(Nordisk stivramme-Rally 2015)

(Published july 8th. 2015) First a few words about the pictures on this page. For the first time I'm testing out some CSS code and java scripts I have customized here, all hand coded. I got some help from my son Arild with the CSS code! Just put the cursor on a picture and it pops up with comments. You can scroll down with no problems.
This page is designed for good ol' computers, not for cell phones, tablets, notepads, Apple watches, micro wave ovens or other modern gadgets ... Enjoy !

The very first "Nordisk Stivramme Rally!", or nordic hardtail rally was held in a central part of Norway so bikers from south, west, east and north up to mid Norway should have a reasonable distance to travel. But Norway is narrow and very long so up north you would have a long ride any way. But lo and behold. One came down from Ballangen in Troms which is about 1310 km. away. One thing is the distance but traveling at this time over mountains with snow in and around the road! But that was also a problem for those who came from mid Norway and west. They had to go over mountains still with snow. Believe me, that's not the best conditions for choppers with long front ends and hardtails. And not even for those riding those Electra Wings, Gold Glides and such type of motor vechicles.

The location was Leira camping close to Fagernes in beautiful Valdres, about 200 km. north and a little east of Oslo. Yes, that is in Norway, and nordic here means Scandinavia and northern Europe. Even though it is late spring it can be cold in the nights and sometimes during the days, or up to 25 degrees if you're lucky.

Some other members from my club Company MC rode up on friday but busy as I usually am I rode up alone saturday morning in a nice weather, riding rather hard on curvy nice roads passing many bikers with stock machines. "Ride hard - die young". Now I'm to old to die young. What ever...

Arriving at the camping place there were around 60 - 70 other bikes there with no rear suspension. I've been riding choppers for 40 years now on not always smoooth norwegian roads. No problems as long front ends with long distance between the front and rear axel makes a smoother ride, and the last 34 years with 165x 15 car tyre in the rear with around 18 to 20 psi. in it. No problems not even with bumpy bad asphalt down town. A hard pumped motor cycle tyre can be much rougher to ride.

As always you meet friends from way back and also newer ones so there was a lot to talk about. But most important for me as always was to look at all the bikes there to get some new ideas and inspiration. A BSA used an offset sprocket to make place for a wider rear tyre. I've seen the same solution on a swedish Norton chopper back in the eighties, As always you have to make place for the rear chain to the side of the rear tyre. Here you can go as wide as you want. The best is to have the center of the wheel in the center of the bike. I still have some offset in my rear wheel spokes. Hmm ...

Besides a few english bikes there were only Harleys at the site. I had hoped to see other makes too, especially good ol' Honda choppers which were around in the seventies and eighties. Not so this time. Very few old veteran bike to see, but this is the very first year for this gathering. Let's hope more bikes shows up on later rallies here. And of course riders from other countries as well. You're very welcome!
Rulpers Hog arranged recently some more local hardtail gatherings based round their clubhouse just south of Oslo. Some pictures might show up on a Chopperweb close to you later on....

This gallery contains most of the bikes at the rally, some I missed taking pictures of and other had left before I arrived. I met and talked to both Elin, editor of Harley News and Morten editor of Biker Journalen so they will publish articles from the rally but I doubt they will publish as many pictures as those you see here.

Sunday came up and due to some party water during the night I had to leave in the middle of the day with Henning and Kjell from my club. The head was not so good and not the weather. It was raining heavy water outside.
Passing over Tonsåsen there were still snow at the road sides - and cold. And my fucking Evo engine got some ignition problems. Felt it came from the front cylinder. Sometimes it was OK and sometimes only one cylinder was working. Checking spark plugs, cables and stuff around did not help in the rain. After close to four hours I was entering Oslo and dived into a tunnell and geared down. The engine died. Instantly out with the clutch hoping to restart it. Smack - very slippery and in a second I had my chopper over my left knee laying in the road. I managed to rise it up and kick started it with my left good knee. Came home but my injuried knee stopped me from both walking and riding for some weeks. Shit. Now I could twist the knee outward in new angles, and after a week visiting a doctor X-rays showed a fracture in the knee. Still not back to a normal knee but at least I can kick start and ride my bike now. That's good enough for me - so far ...

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